Cost of Living Blog – Where has all the kindness gone?

kindIn October 2015 I wrote about the implications of the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour leader standing on the pledge of a new “kinder politics and a more caring society”.  I talked about the glimmer of hope offered by policies which focused on tackling the social determinants of health, reducing inequality and improving services for those most in need.  Also, the way in which social media can be used to counter the zombie ideas which are perpetually recycled by the mainstream media (on tax reduction, the need for austerity and the primacy of the market).  Nine months later there is little left of that glimmer of hope amongst a constant barrage of media stories about political upheaval, financial crises, poverty, hunger, inadequate housing, increasing racist attacks, the NHS funding crisis, Brexit and a deeply divided UK population.  Uncertainty, inequality and division predominate and the social contract appears to be falling apart……Please click here to read the full blog at the Cost of Living Blogsite