Cost of Living Blog – The Inter-generational blame game

Kool-n-the-gang1-560x290.jpg.pagespeed.ce.B9OskJyLFvOlder people are costing us money.  They are using disproportionately more of the NHS, social care and welfare budgets, and expenditure on prescription drugs is significantly higher for the over 65s than their younger peers.  Older people are costing the NHS up to £4.6 million a day by falling over and it’s not just ageing itself that is causing excessive NHS use amongst this age group.  Lifestyle factors are also an issue with the charity Alcohol Concern suggesting that Middle-Aged drinkers are costing the NHS over ten times more than binge drinking amongst young people.   The Office for Budget Responsibility warned us last week that health spending will become an increasing ‘burden’ on the country because of the ageing population and that tax rises or spending cuts will be necessary to counter the pressure that older people are putting on the system, pressure that will only get worse as the ‘baby boomer’ generation retires.  The Telegraph ran with the headline:“Minister: NHS will collapse if elderly bed-blocking continues”, following a story last year entitled “The NHS can’t go on being free if selfish baby boomers consult GPs for the slightest aches and pains”… Click here to read the full blog post on the Cost of Living Website