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diabetes-560x290Last week the chairman of NICE, David Haslam called for patients to stop being deferential to doctors and be more proactive in ensuring that they receive the best healthcare available.  He argues that, patients should be more aware of the range of drugs available and be willing to assert their right to the best drugs available on the NHS

“It is essential for the future of the health service and for the future health of the nation that patients understand their conditions, their treatments and work with their health advisors so they can have the best care.”

More controversially he suggests that UK patients need to be more like their US counterparts in demanding choice in healthcare.  And yet as Judy Green observed in her blog post from 24th January: “Most Americans cannot afford the best health care their country can provide; and even those with good coverage are often tied to cost-conscious HMOs which offer little choice either”.  All healthcare systems face financial constraints and limits but, economics aside, is there anything wrong with patients engaging in equal partnerships with their healthcare professionals, and a rhetoric of personal responsibility?…………Click here to read the full post on the Cost of Living Website.