Cost of Living Blog – A Crisis in GP care: greed, funding or ideology?

GP StressFigures released last week showed a shortfall of one thousand General Practitioners (GPs) in England. In the same week NHS England announced that it would spend £10 million on a range of new schemes to encourage older GPs to put off retirement and encourage those who have left the profession, or the country, to return to GP practice in the UK. The British Medical Association has raised fears that the high average age of GPs, the poor work/life balance and the increasing workload could result in as many as 500-600 GP surgeries closing as GPs take early retirement or choose to leave the profession altogether. Schemes announced by Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt include the use of promotional videos to demonstrate to medical students that GP practice is just as glamorous as other specialisms, showing GPs working on cruise ships, options to work part time and more flexibly, and the reduction of bureaucratic hurdles for those returning to General Practice from overseas. There is a looming crisis in GP care, the cornerstone of the new look NHS…….……..Click here to read the full post on the Cost of Living Blogsite.